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Brain Health Workshop

Date : Saturday 15th June 2024

Time : 9.00am to 12.00pm

Address : 4 Moorhen Place Noosaville, QLD 4566

Morning Tea Provided

What to Bring : Note Book and Pen


Brain Health Workshop Saturday 15th June 2024

Only 9 left in stock
  • The Brain Health Workshop is designed to educate and support women in Peri-menopause to Menopause.

    Navigate this transformative stage with confidence as we delve into tailored strategies to support cognitive function and well-being.

    Gain insights into managing memory lapses, mood swings, and concentration challenges. Explore holistic approaches, including nutrition, stress management, and cognitive exercises, designed to optimize mental clarity and resilience.

    Empower yourself with knowledge and practical tools to thrive during this phase of life. Don't let menopause hold you back – come along to reclaim your brain health and vitality.

  • While we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, we kindly request participants to be mindful of our group sessions' limited availability and the effort invested in organising them. Once a Group Session/Workshop reservation is confirmed/pre-paid, cancellations are not permitted, regardless of circumstances. We encourage participants to assess their availability before securing a spot. We value your commitment and aim to foster a positive experience for all. Our goal is to strike a balance between maintaining the quality of our sessions and accommodating the needs of our participants. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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