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Why the buzz about Biofeedback?

Biofeedback and Bioresonance devices are fast becoming one of the most talked about new technologies that are being embraced across the globe by people from all walks of life, who are wanting to explore ways of improving overall health and wellness. Embraced by celebrities and professional athletes internationally and with the effects of reduced stress, improved sleep, improved body-mind connection, improved energy, digestion and enhanced sports performance - what is not to LOVE!

Tennis sensation Novak Djokavic recently touted Biofeedback as being key to his recovery from a serious career-stopping hamstring injury, and it's well known that the even International Olympic teams have used biofeedback devices to help improve their athletes sporting performance through stress reduction.

Stress comes in many forms - a high paced life, relationships, work, emotional turmoil, life traumas, biochemical stress, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, poor diet or posture, parasites, infections, environmental toxins, energetic and electromagnetic stress such as radiation from microwaves, mobile phones. medical scans and EMFs to name a few.

Over the course of your lifetime, the body accumulates these and attempts to buffer these stressors, however over time, the continual onslaught brings about widespread symptoms that indicate that the body and mind are no longer coping well. Often stressors have been present in the body for a long time before symptoms begin.

Symptoms of stress include headaches, poor sleep, poor digestion reflux, fatigue, exaggerated emotions, frequent infections, palpitations, hair loss, weight loss or gain, hormonal fluctuations and symptoms, poor libido, moodiness, anxiety, brain fog, depression, muscle and joint pain, and the development of all of our Chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease. The list is endless.

Bioresonance Biofeedback devices such as our Quest 9 helps detect stressors in your system and provides biofeedback with the body to help improve your body's ability to cope - slowly helping you rebuild your mental, emotional and physical wellness and resilience. We encourage these gains to be followed up with specific lifestyle improvements in order to enhance your body's ability to self-regulate in a more effective way.

To book a Bioenergetic session at Oasis Hub, contact Pete on 0421471012

Sessions can be attended at the clinic or remotely if required.


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